Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Found Your Town Challenge

Your sim has decided that the current town they live in is too crowded and it’s time to found a new town for sims to settle. 

You can start with one sim or 2 but they cannot be married or have a romantic relationship. They must marry and or reproduce from the townie pool. You can use either the normal or long life span, but you may not use the potion of life for your sims. The main point of this challenge is to experience as much of the game as possible, to maybe break you out of your comfort zone and play aspects of the game you might otherwise not play. You may choose your traits and aspirations or randomize them. You may change aspirations at any time, even if you haven’t completed the current one. You may use any reward potion or trait except for the potion of life. 

The main goal is to build your town, convince sims to move in and help you build, so there is no limit on the funds of a sim moving in with you, you may use it for whatever you need or want.  The only requirement is that you have a home to have them move into, with space for everyone and a bed for each sim to sleep in. You may move in any sim you want to once your relationship has reached the stage that the move in request is available. You cannot move them out until you can afford to build them a home and have unlocked at least one career. 

To get started create you sim or pair of sims. I started with two sisters to play test my challenge. You may move your sim/sims onto an empty lot to build your own home, or into any home they can afford, including any homes from the gallery, there is no restriction on your startup funds but no money cheats may be used. You can furnish your home in any way you want.

You should give your game a save name now and go into manage worlds. Here you will need to delete every lot, I saved them to my library to add in later as I unlock them, at least the ones that I want to add back in. As you delete the venues set these lots to generic to erase any lot requirements that are attached to the venue types. You may leave the parks intact if you like, if you do decide to delete them make sure you save a copy as the ponds are gone once deleted. Your sim/s are the only sims that are settled into the worlds, all pre-made families must be evicted. If you want any of these families to move in you must befriend them and move them into your home, just remember that you can’t move them out until you have unlocked the first career. Careers are unlocked by maxing the relevant skills. Each career can support 3 families. Each venue will support one neighborhood. A neighborhood of 5 lots will require 2 careers and 1 venue before you can begin building the 6th home.
Skills and Careers

Every town needs jobs to sustain it and for a thriving community you need skilled sims. These skills will unlock your careers. Once the careers are unlocked you can begin unlocking your venues. Until you have unlocked the first job, your sim can only make money selling the things they create, selling the vegetables they grow or selling the collectibles they find. You may paint, write, program, and hack or use the woodworking bench.

Each career will have more than one skill that can be used to unlock them so you aren’t required to do the same mundane skill building unless you choose to. Once a career is unlocked it will stay unlocked. Some careers will require different skills to be maxed for each career branch. Each sim can unlock only one career, but that same sim can unlock a career and a venue if you have time in their life span.
This list should evolve and grow as new careers and skills are added to the game. 

Childhood Skills and Teen Jobs

  • Babysitter-This job requires connections, your sim should start cultivating these connections early in order to be trusted taking care of little ones once they become teens. A child sim must either max the social skill or complete any child aspiration.
  • Barista-It takes some skill or imagination to create or invent new drink combinations. A child sim must max either the creativity or motor skills to unlock this job.
  • Fast Food Employee-With jobs at a premium your teen sim has to have skills to flip burgers. Max any of the 4 childhood skills.
  • Manual Labor-You need to be able to handle a lawn mower, and having a creative touch helps with landscaping, max either creativity or motor skill to open this job opportunity.
  • Retail Employee-Your teen needs to be able to handle frustrated shoppers and angry customers. Hone those customer service skills by maxing the social or mental skills so you can stay cool under pressure.

Adult Careers and Skills (there are multiple skills that will unlock each career, your sim is only required to master 1 for each)
  • Astronaut-Space Ranger-You will need to be able to handle the rigors of space flight, know how to talk your way out of a tough spot, and fix your ship with chewing gum and a paperclip. Get working on those fitness, logic, charisma and rocket science skills!
  • Astronaut-Interstellar Smuggler-It take the right kind of sim to pull of the charming smuggler, along with fitness, logic, charisma and rocket science your sim needs to be a master of mischief.
  • Athletic Career-Max the fitness skill, or complete the Body Builder Aspiration to unlock this career.
  • Business-1st Branch- Details Coming
  • Business-2nd Branch-Details Coming
  • Criminal-Boss Branch-To be the big boss you need to be smarter and more devious than all the rest. Unlock this career by maxing either Mischief, Logic, or Charisma.
  • Criminal-Oracle Branch-Hone your computer skills to hide your activity. In this branch you will focus on technological crimes, Programming Skills are a must as are Logic, Mischief, and Charisma.
  • Culinary-Chef Branch-Master the skills of fishing, gardening, cooking, or gourmet cooking to open this career, or have a teen reach level 3 in the Fast Food Employee job.
  • Culinary-Mixology Branch-Have a teen reach level 3 of the Barista job or max the mixology skill.
  • Entertainer-Comedy Branch-Max the Social Butterfly Aspiration as a child or max the comedy skill.
  • Entertainer-Musician Branch-Max any one instrument skill, guitar, piano or violin, or complete the Artistic Prodigy aspiration as a child.
  • Painter Career-Either Branch-Must max the Artistic Prodigy aspiration as a child or max the painting skill.
  • Secret Agent-Diamond Agent Branch-You need to blend in and stand out if you want to succeed in this field. Unlock this career by maxing Charisma, or fitness skills or by completing either Athletic career branch.
  • Secret Agent-Villain Branch- To be a double agent you have to be smarter and more devious than your fellow agents. To unlock this career branch complete either Criminal Career Branch or max Fitness, Charisma or the Programming skill.
  • Tech Guru-Entrepreneur Branch-Your code is the game. Hone that programming or video game skill to create the next big game and make your fortune.
  •  Tech Guru-eSport Gamer-Tired of writing code for a living? Try playing games for a living instead. Unlock this branch by maxing the video game or programming skill.
  • Writing Career-Either Branch-Max the social butterfly or artistic prodigy aspiration as a child or max charisma or the writing skill to unlock.
Neighborhoods and Venues

Each world has 4 neighborhoods, a park and a commercial district. Each neighborhood requires one venue. You may choose any neighborhood to begin your town, but you must unlock a venue before you can unlock a second neighborhood. The neighborhoods have 2 to 5 lots in each of them. I started in Skyward Palms of Oasis Springs. This neighborhood has 4 lots so I will need to have 2 careers and a venue unlocked to open a second neighborhood and build my 5th home.

Venues and Careers
  •  Bar- Must reach level 10 of the Mixology Branch of the Culinary Career to unlock this venue. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Bar venue.
  • Lounge-Must reach level 10 of the Comedy Branch of the Entertainers Career. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Lounge venue.
  • Night Club-Must reach level 10 of the Musician Branch of the Entertainer Career. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Night Club venue.
  •   Museum-Must reach level 10 of the Parton of the Arts Branch of the Painter Career. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Museum venue.
  •   Library-Must reach level 10 of the Author Branch of the Writing Career. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Library venue.
  •   Gym-You sims must reach level 10 of either branch of the Athletic Career, or complete the Body Builder Aspiration. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Gym venue.
  • Park-This is optional! To unlock the park max the Fishing or Gardening skills, or complete any of the nature aspirations. Your sim/s must also have the funds to build/complete all requirements of the Park venue.
You may move sims in and out of your home once jobs and venues have been unlocked. You may also rotate your play to any family. You may have townie aging turned on or off. If you chose not to play families in rotation you may manage households and add children to the families to keep them living in your town. You may age any sim early if you wish, but you cannot reverse their age by using the potion of life. 

Moving Families 

Once you have unlocked the first career you may begin moving families out. Each home must have the basics that every family needs, no living on the lawn unless it is your founding family, but if you want to switch to a new family they must have a fully enclosed and functioning home. You may move out 2 families once you unlock the first career. Each career will support 3 families, so the 4th family will require a second career unlocked. To expand to the next neighborhood you must unlock one of the venues. Each neighborhood requires a venue, and at least 1 career, and some will require 2 careers to support the families that live there.

I've not yet tested how building new homes and moving families works yet, so it is feasible that Family Funds or Money cheats may be needed to reduce funds that don't come out of your household funds.

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  1. Yes! I love this challenge. Reminds me of the Nothing is Free Challenge from TS3 that I used to keep wanting to play (but which I never could proceed in, beyond a couple of generations, owing to how crap my game was in general at being stable).

    Don't know when you'll see this, and I'm too excited to wait before attempting to start playing this game, but I had a question regardless. Is there a limit on how many careers etc a sim can unlock? If a sim of mine manages to max writing, cooking and gardening, can I just consider both branches of the writer career, the park, and the culinary chef branch unlocked, for example?